Letter from CEO


- The Munbangku2.com was established to introduce the Korean Beauty Products around the world in Korea in 2019. 'Munbangku' is Korean which means a brick-and-motar store selling stationery and small gift"


- Our goal our staff and me decided is 

" We supply Korean Beauty Products to the world in the fastest way with reasonable prices."


- We promise

1. Provide the biggest range of brands with reasonable price that we possibly can, so you can choose what you want. 

2. Respond to all questions and issues within 6 business hours.

3. More invest the CS, logistic, and packaging, instead of marketing.

4. Share a portion of our profits with Society.


We will do our best for your exceptional online shopping experience. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.



Munbangku.com's CEO

Seungno Yoon CPA (USA WA)