HERA Sun Mate Protector 50ml SPF 50+ / PA+++_S from Korea

HERA Sun Mate Protector 50ml SPF 50+ / PA+++_S from Korea

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Daily sun care effectively protects the skin from UV rays, the harmful city environment and makes it younger-looking

  • C.U.T. (Control of UV Trap) System to treat the signs of skin aging resulting from exposure to UV rays
    • Provides protection against UV rays and external irritants in the city for the skin, so it can stay healthy and youthful. With strong UV protection as high as SPF 50+ PA+++, it safeguards the health of the skin from exposure to environmental external irritants and with anti-oxidant Anti-R Complex, it effectively alleviates TrapRTM in the skin to give a more youthful complexion.
  • Skin protection to keep it clear and healthy against particulate matter
    • With water hyacinth extract effective in purifying the skin, it keeps the skin young, healthy and well-protected against harmful environmental factors in the city, particularly yellow dust and particulate matter.
  • Sun care product working as a makeup base for glowing skin
    • It works as a makeup base as well; it has color similar to the skin tone and a fast-absorbing texture that seamlessly blends in with the skin to create a healthy glow.
  • 50ml, SPF 50+ / PA+++

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